Autumn News / September-December 2015

Happy Holidays!

Thanks to everyone who joined at Buddhist Center Heggedal this year! So much happened during the busy months this autumn. Many great teachers came to visit and our precious Lama Ole gave teachings in Oslo during Nordic Tour in November.

What’s new?

After two busy years of building up phases, Buddhist Center Heggedal now has eight residents settling into daily activities. We hope to become even more regular in the year to come, with weekly introductions, monthly courses and daily ngøndro sessions together. Thanks to all inspiring friends who come and contribute!

Thank you Lama Ole and Alexandra!

Lama Ole, Alexandra and team came with 300 friends to teach in Oslo in November. We celebrated Ole and Alexandra’s first wedding anniversary with cake and music. All good wishes to Ole and Ale, may we have them strong and healthy for many, many years. For the benefit of all.

Upcoming projects

  • Statue filling preparations
  • Stupa Project
  • BCH New Buildings Project

Upcoming courses – Oslo / Heggedal / Horten / Arendal

  • Winter weekends in Heggedal – Ngøndro & Happy times
  • Easter course with Pit and Maike Weigelt

Want to join?

Do you want to learn about Buddhist meditation? Please visit your local Diamond Way center. Find out more at We are looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you

Thanks to all asking what it means to be human, and going beyond the comfort zone to learn and develop. You are brave!


Team BCH!