Introduction to Buddhism 4-5. November

Welcome to introduction to Buddhism with Diamond Way Teacher Marcin Baranski from Poland at Buddhist Center Oslo & Heggedal. All lectures will be held in English and will end with a common meditation. You can join any lecture you like. No experience required. Program may be subject to change.

Price: 95 NOK per lecture

Program at Buddhist Center Oslo

Friday 4. November
19:00 – Lecture: «Four Basic Thoughts»

Program at Buddhist Center Heggedal

Saturday 5. November
10:00 – Meditation
15:00 – Lecture: «Refuge and Meditation»
20:00 – Lecture: «Disturbing Emotions»

About the teacher
Marcin Baranski took refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in 1993 and at his request began giving lectures in 2001. He has a degree from Warsaw University of Technology and works in telecom. The more than three-hundred Diamond Way Teachers from thirty-six countries are students of Lama Ole whom he has asked to teach in Diamond Way centers and public venues around the world. When invited by a center, or sent by Lama Ole, these lay teachers take breaks from their jobs, families and daily lives to travel to the more than forty countries with Diamond Way Buddhist centers to give lectures on Buddhist refuge, meditation, karma and other aspects of Buddhism. If you want to learn about meditation you are very welcome to join. You can join any lecture you like and you don’t need prior experience. All lectures are relevant to anyone who wants to practice meditation in their daily lives. Our Diamond Way Teachers are all practitioners with long experience who idealistically teach for free. Price per lecture is 95 NOK and covers travel costs and daily operations of our centers.