November News 2014

Welcome to the next weekend course 12.-14. December!
Diamond Way Teacher Kristian Zacho from Copenhagen is visiting Oslo and Heggedal 12.14. December. We will start with a public lecture at Buddhist Center Oslo and continue with lectures and common meditation sessions at Buddhist Center Heggedal on Saturday and Sunday. Newcomers can as always join any lecture desired.

What’s new?
New signs and room names at the center! We are constantly upgrading and trying our best to make the center feel like a public space – a home to many rather than a few. After learning that rooms should rather not be named after our lamas, we discovered some new potential that we are very excited about. We would love to dedicate one room to each of the Norwegian city centers and we want each center to decide what the name should be. Therefore we will send out an invitation to each center and ask for a name before 2015. Perhaps our heritage could be represented? Nidaros or Bjørgvin? What do you think!

Thank you Göran!
Excellent Diamond Way Teacher Göran Norling from Stockholm held a course in Oslo and Heggedal 21.-23. November. Many families with children were represented during the course. What a powerful new generation! We are so lucky to have Diamond Way Teachers with families that are able to give their precious time for the benefit of all. It is impressive to see strong partnerships at work. Thank you!

Upcoming projects
• Stupa Project
• BCH New Buildings Project
• Streaming Room Refurbishment
• BCH General Decorations / Signage Project
• Office / Dormitory Refurbishment
• Sangha picture bonanza
• City Center Take Over

Upcoming courses – Oslo&Heggedal
• December 12.-14. – Weekend with Diamond Way Teacher Course Kristian Zacho
• Januar – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Julie Fallon
• March 13.-15. – Weekend with Diamond Way Teacher Course Gerd Boll
• September – Weekend with Diamond Way Teacher Course Peter Lahucsky

Want to join?
Curios about Diamond Way Buddhism in Norway? All our centers in Norway have guided meditations every week free of charge. You can also find courses and lectures during the year. There are also regular introductory lectures to Buddhism and Diamond Way meditation. Please visit for more information about centers close to you.

Thank you
We want to thank all friends who continuously donate their time and money to the centers in Norway. We hope that every time you visit a center, you will see results and know that development happens all the time – on the inside and out :)

Team BCH!