December News 2014

Welcome to Heggedal 2015!
Dear friends! Happy New Year! Thank you so much for such a rich year. We are very excited about 2015 and looking forward to more time with friends. Now is the time to come with your wishes for the new year, and the best way to do that is to spend time with us and tap in to the activity stream. Remember, everything is like a dream, therefore anything is possible!

What’s new?
Hopefully the new year will bring as many opportunities for development as 2014. We are very much hoping that all the Norwegian sanghas and perhaps other inspired sanghas in northern europe will come together for a «BCH Take Over». This literally means that you come to Heggedal – and take over! You can do anything you like; organize courses, retreats, parties, working weekends, painting doors, chopping trees, dancing or building snow stupas! The space is yours.

Thank you Kristian!
Beautiful Diamond Way Teacher Kristian Zacho from Copenhagen held a course in Oslo and Heggedal 12.-14. December. With his big heart he shows that it is possible to help beings by understanding that we are all connected, and that being compassionate can mean many things. Everyone wants to be happy and sometimes a person can grow if you can manage to give them time and space. Let’s get closer in 2015!

Upcoming projects
• Stupa Project
• BCH New Buildings Project
• Statue filling
• BCH General Decorations / Signage Project
• Office / Dormitory Refurbishment
• Sangha picture bonanza
• City Center Take Over

Upcoming courses – Oslo&Heggedal…and Reykjavik!
• January 16.-18. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Martin Borg at Diamond Way Group Reykjavik
• February – Statue filling course
• March or April – Weekend with Diamond Way Teacher Course Gerd Boll

Want to join?
Want to do more? We’re waiting for you! Don’t hesitate joining the joyful efforts. There is no time like now.

Thank you
We want to thank all friends who continuously donate their time and money to the centers in Norway. Everything that happens truly is the result of joyful efforts and a lot of generosity. We are deeply thankful. The centers really come alive when filled with friends. Let’s keep things fresh, work, eat, drink, dance and meditate together. Words fall short, but this cannot be repeated enough. Thank you.
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Team BCH!