January News 2015

More BCH!
More friends! Activity in Heggedal is still going strong and the house is full of friends, meditating, eating and building together. We are excited to be growing, and hope that inspired beings might take the opportunity to come and experience what our space has to offer, and perhaps take a chance to do something. Maybe you want to bring your friends here for a ngöndro retreat, a streaming evening or a skiing holiday? The possibilities are endless!

What’s new?
Dharma shop room, dormitory and a new altar on the way! What could be more exciting than a 80 cm tall Buddha? Maybe it is a sleep over with ten friends in our new dormitory? Or buying a beautiful statue from our brand new Dharma shop? All these are well on the way and will hopefully be finalized before our next weekend course in March.

We have a room for you!
For about half a year now our center has been blessed with a wonderful young Slovakian couple who came to Norway to work, learn and meditate. They are both lucky to have found work in Oslo and we are sad to see them move out after such joyful efforts here with us. At the same time, it means we have a room for rent. Maybe it’s the opportunity you have been looking for? If you want to come and contribute to a vibrant and fast growing center in the outskirts of Oslo, please let us know and write to info@buddhistisksenter-heggedal.org. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming projects
• Dharma Shop
• Stupa Project
• BCH New Buildings Project
• Statue filling
• BCH General Decorations / Signage Project
• Office / Dormitory Refurbishment
• Sangha picture bonanza
• City Center Take Over

Upcoming courses – Oslo & Heggedal…and Stockholm!
• February 13.-15. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Martin Borg at Buddhist Center Stockholm
• March 13.-15. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Gerd Boll
• April 3.-5. – Easter Course with Diamond Way Teacher John Christofferson
• May – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Mira Silanova
• June – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher
• September 30.- October 2. – Week Course with Diamond Way Teachers Pit and Maike Weigelt

Want to join?
Want to do more? We’re waiting for you! Don’t hesitate joining the joyful efforts. There is no time like now ;)

Thank you
We want to thank all friends who continuously donate their time and money to the centers in Norway. Everything that happens truly is the result of joyful efforts and a lot of generosity. We are deeply thankful. The centers really come alive when filled with friends. Let’s keep things fresh, work, eat, drink, dance and meditate together. Words fall short, but this cannot be repeated enough. Thank you.

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Team BCH!