February News 2015

Activity and beyond!
Buddhist Centre Heggedal has now been running for more than 18 months with activity more or less non stop. We are sowing seeds for new friendships and strengthening old ones, and there is a real flow of exchange and freshness. In 2015 we will have many Diamond Way Teachers sharing their experiences with us in Oslo and Heggedal, so don’t miss out on the chance to know your own mind and achieve lasting happiness in this lifetime.

What’s new?
The Dharma Shop is open! You can now buy books and meditation booklets. Statues, malas and many other things are on the way. Need something for your practice? Let us know and we will help you find it. And guess what – the dorm fits 12! We recommend that you bring ear plugs ;) Last, but not least, our detached house for rent is being refurbished to “country chic” and is perfect for a couple or someone who enjoys a little privacy. Check it out!

Deadline for renting rooms – March 15th!
Want to live in the center to speed up your development tenfold? Our deadline for renting your own 40 square meter flat, or a room in the main building  is March 15th. please write to info@buddhistisksenter-heggedal.org. Let’s hear from you today!

Upcoming projects
• New altar
• Stupa Project
• BCH New Buildings Project
• Statue filling
• More office / Dormitory Refurbishment

Upcoming courses – Oslo & Heggedal
• March 6.-8. – Nøndro Weekend – Preliminary Practices
• March 13.-15. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Gerd Boll (DE)
• March 29. – April 5. – Easter Course with Diamond Way Teacher John Christopherson (US)
• May 8.-10. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Frank Kruse (DE)
• May 22.-25. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Karol Sleczek (PL)
• June – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher (to be confirmed)
• September 30.- October 2. – Week Course with Diamond Way Teachers Pit and Maike Weigelt (DE)

Want to join?
Feel like your busy life doesn’t make you happy? Then you probably need a shot of Buddhism! And perhaps a cup of merit. There is always something to be done – and don’t worry if you haven’t watched paint dry or touched a hammer in your life – you will learn it! Or you can clean till your skin peels. Looking for a chance to contribute? We got it for you in Heggedal!

Thank you
Thank you for visiting. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for meditating. Thank you for teaching. Thank you for putting your self on the line. You are all real heroes. And we’re not afraid to tell you ;)

Team BCH!