March News 2015

Lama Ole is coming to Oslo!
We just got the news that Lama Ole Nydahl will teach in Oslo November 6th this year. He last visited Oslo in 2013 when he inaugurated Buddhist Center Heggedal. The Norwegian Sangha has been looking forward to his next arrival and have been preparing for it for two years. One of our great successes during the wait was our 16th Karmapa Course in Vollen of June 2014 where 350 friends from more than 20 countries meditated together for one week resulting in over ten million Karmapa Chenno’s. Stay tuned for more information about Lama Ole’s travels in the Nordic countries and how you can join the 2015 tour!

What’s new?
Since we opened in August 2013, Buddhist Centre Heggedal has been in a build up phase to accommodate Diamond Way practitioners from all over the world. We can now say that our centre fulfills many of the desires of modern practitioners. Many friends are visiting and staying here for shorter or longer retreats, contributing to the production of Buddhism in the West. As Lama Ole Nydahl puts it: “There is no greater gift you can give people than the chance to experience the nature of their own mind.” We are grateful for this precious opportunity and responsibility. May our joyful efforts continue with the wishes of our teachers.

Thank you Gerd!
Impressive Diamond Way Teacher Gerd Boll from Germany showed us during his stay what years of meditation can do to your mind. Bringing the teachings from your head to your heart through meditation will result in fearlessness and joy. We hope that many more intelligent people will want to develope and find a Diamond Way center in their home town. For more information about the Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Lineage, please visit

Upcoming projects
• Preparations for Lama Ole Nydahl’s visit
• BCH Picture Project
• Stupa Project
• BCH New Buildings Project
• Statue filling
• More office / Dormitory Refurbishment

Upcoming courses – Oslo & Heggedal
• April 1.-5. – Easter Course with Diamond Way Teacher John Christopherson (US)
• May 8.-!0. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Frank Kruse (DE)
• May 22.-25. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Karol Sleczek (PL)
• June 19.-21. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Mira Silanova (AUT)
• September 30.- October 2. – Week Course with Diamond Way Teachers Pit and Maike Weigelt (DE)
• November 6. – City Lecture in Oslo with Lama Ole Nydahl (DK)

Want to join?
We need you! Your presence alone will contribute to the production of Buddhism here in Heggedal. Did you know that your development happens outside your comfort zone? Well, there is plenty of coal here to rub against on your way to becoming like a diamond. Bring your skills, desires or just plain old swinging moods and we will make sure to make your cup half full!

Thank you
Whatever may appear is the free play of space. Wow. Thanks ;)

Team BCH!

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