April News 2015

Spring is here!
The snow is gone and living is getting easier. The ground needs a lot of work and we will invite friends to come and work outside, eat and meditate together. We would also like to show the film «Buddha by Nature – Crossing Borders with Lama Ole Nydahl» by Berno Kürten. The center is always open and there is nothing better than friends showing up to meditate in our gompa. We want more!

What’s new?
Our local sangha artist has for several months been a real hero, and is tirelessly making the center more beautiful. Our 40 square meter detached house is fully refurbished with a new kitchen that has all the necessary appliances. We have not yet convinced our buddhist friends to take the leap and move in, which means that it is rented out on the open market. We are currently four friends and two kids living in the center, and regular common meditation will be one of our main activities to focus on in the months to come. This will contribute to the center not only being in the build up phase, but transitioning into a running centre. Our wishes for the next year is to become more visible in the local areas, organize public lectures and hopefully see some new faces joining our weekly meditation.

Thank you John!
American Diamond Way teacher John Christopherson toured Oslo, Horten and Heggedal during the Easter holidays. Many sangha members from all over Norway joined the tour. John brought transmission from the impressive cooperation in the Americas, and we enjoyed being part of their annual video conference sharing successes from more than fifteen different centers in America. What a way to go!

Upcoming projects
• Preparations for Lama Ole Nydahl’s visit
• Movie Night: “Buddha by Nature – Crossing Borders with Lama Ole Nydahl” by Berno Kürten
• August Garden Party
• BCH Picture Project
• Stupa Project
• BCH New Buildings Project
• More office / Dormitory Refurbishment

Upcoming courses – Oslo & Heggedal
• May 8.-10. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Frank Kruse (DE)
• May 22.-25. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Karol Sleczek (PL)
• June 19.-21. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Mira Silanova (AUT)
• September 30.- October 2. – Week Course with Diamond Way Teachers Pit and Maike Weigelt (DE)
• November 6. – City Lecture in Oslo with Lama Ole Nydahl (DK)

Want to join?
There is always something to do! And it is only up to you. You can do what you like, or you can learn something new. Time is now and space is limitless. Almost as big as our garden. Feel like collecting some leaves? We have a million of them, just waiting for you. Or you can join our daily ngøndro sessions in the morning and evenings, before common 16th Karmapa meditation at nine thirty. We love seeing your shiny faces. Come on board!

Thank you
We want to thank all the centers in Norway and around the world for contributing to the production of Buddhism every day. Together we are strengthening bonds and becoming independent, fearless and joyful human beings for the benefit of all.

Team BCH!