May News 2015

A place for development
Diamond Way Buddhism only has one product, and that is human development. More and more friends are finding their way to our center and we are very lucky to host such thankful and inspired people. Everyone has their own story and approach to what it means being human, broadening eachothers understanding as well as building a solid foundation based on all the different life experiences. If you are interested in knowing more about how you can develop, here’s the place to be.

What’s new?
Our excellent new Buddha statue arrived along with nine other statues from our statue makers in Nepal. We are very happy to know that our friends and their families are all safe. If you want to contribute by investing in statues, please contact us at Our dharma shop has been updated with more books, meditation booklets, mandala disks, malas and statues. We are in the process of working out sketches for a new altar to be completed by Lama Ole Nydahl’s visit in November. If you want to get involved in the altar project we are very thankful to hear from you!

Thank you Frank and Karol!
We enjoyed two weekend courses, with Diamond Way Teachers Frank Kruse (DE) and Karol Sleczek (PL), who both carries the Kagyu lineage transmission. How can we know this? Well, if a teacher says and does the same, there is at least a good chance. Knowing about cause and effect brings true responsibility into our lives, and even though we are equipped to read books, real wisdom comes from bringing knowledge from the head to the heart. That is the way of meditation. Through meditating together, we have the opportunity to experience the way things are.

Upcoming projects
• Preparations for Lama Ole Nydahl’s visit
• August Garden Party
• BCH Altar Project
• Stupa Project
• BCH New Buildings Project
• Statue filling

Upcoming courses – Oslo & Heggedal
• June 19.-21. – Weekend Course with Diamond Way Teacher Mira Silanova (AUT)
• September 25.- October 4. – 10 Day Autumn Course with Diamond Way Teachers Pit and Maike Weigelt (DE), Beatrice Amar (DK), and Marcin Wasik (PL)
• November 6. – City Lecture in Oslo with Lama Ole Nydahl (DK)

Want to join?
Our center functions based on human interaction. It means that we still leave some routines to be discovered between friends. This creates a perfect platform for learning how to cooperate rather than competing, as well as becoming friends on the way. In this way we are strengthening our bonds and ensuring a living transmission of the Buddha’s teachings. If you want to be a part of it, all you have to do is show up :)

Thank you
The center totally depends on you. Thank you for taking part. It is really meaningful now and tomorrow.

Team BCH!