June News 2015

What a great season!
In the last twelve months, BCH has hosted weekend courses almost every month. We also built a new dormitory, dharma shop, refurbished our detached apartment, continued development on the land, rebuilt new living spaces in the house, engaged with the council about building plans, and bought new statues for our altar. We hope that our activity so far will contribute to connecting more with all the centers in Norway, and it is a great wish that Buddhist Center Heggedal will be a place for the whole Norwegian sangha to be together.

What’s new?
A place for residents to come! BCH have enjoyed lot’s of activity and teachers over the past twelve months and as a result, more friends are coming to live in the center. Wishes are coming true every day and our lamas powerfield is very much present where activity lives. Together we are sowing the seeds for our future.

Thank you Mira!
Diamond Way Teacher Mira Silanova (AUT) rounded off the spring season at BCH excellently. What a perfect way to finish off a buzzling period with a boost of new inspiration in preparation for an ever more growing time to come. The Karma Kagyu lineage is truly blessed with it’s unique focus on friendship and living transmission. A real example in a time where responsible, free and independent human beings show us that friendship might be our time’s most important asset.

Upcoming projects
• Preparations for Lama Ole Nydahl’s visit
• August Garden Party
• BCH Altar Project
• Stupa Project
• BCH New Buildings Project
• Statue filling

Upcoming courses – Oslo & Heggedal
• September 25.- October 4. – 10 Day Autumn Course with Diamond Way Teachers Pit and Maike Weigelt (DE), Beatrice Amar (DK), and Marcin Wasik (PL)
• November 6. – City Lecture in Oslo with Lama Ole Nydahl (DK)

Want to join?
Do you want to learn about Buddhist meditation? Please visit your local Diamond Way center. Find out more at www.buddhisme.no. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you
We wish all our friends a wonderful summer traveling with our teachers and look forward to benefiting from all the good impressions in the months to come. See you in August!

Team BCH!