Buddhist Lecture & Nyungne Retreat 5.-9. October

Welcome to Buddhist Center Heggedal and our two day Nyungne fasting practice guided by Diamond Way Teacher Renate Schölz from Germany. The course is open to those who have taken Buddhist refuge and are already practicing Diamond Way Buddhism in our centres worldwide.

5. October

17:00 – Dinner
19:00 – Lecture

6. October
19:00 – Introduction to Nyungne

7.-9. October

Please state which parts of the program you would like to attend in an email to info@buddhistisksenter-heggedal.org.

Lecture 100 NOK
Meals 100 NOK per meal
Accommodation 100 NOK per night
Whole course 600 NOK

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1000-armed-chenrezigAbout Nyungne
Nyungne fasting practice is the meditation practice on the Buddha named Thousand-Armed Loving Eyes (Skt. Avalokiteshvara; Tib. Chenrezig), the expression and embodiment of the compassion of all Buddhas. It is a very strong purification practice where we build up a great amount of good impressions and merit at the same time.

Nyungne is a profound two-and-a-half-day practice, a length of time especially helpful for people whose schedules cannot accommodate longer retreats. It belongs to the Kriya tantra class and involves keeping strict outer promises.

During this strict retreat we concentrate on the practice and meditate 10 hours per day. All participants stay in the center and also sleep there. Certain rules are set during the retreat, like no smoking cigarettes, no alcohol consumption, and keeping a vegetarian diet. The second day is devoted to complete silence and fasting and the participants do not eat, drink or speak. Translated as “abiding in the fast”, Nyungne is said to be effective in the healing of illness, the development of compassion, and the purification of negative karma.

Renate-ScholzAbout the Teacher
Renate Schölz has been a close student of Lama Ole since 1980, and was asked to teach Diamond Way Buddhism in 1993. Renate lives in Munich, and works as a schoolteacher. She received the initiation on the Buddha 1000-armed Loving Eyes from Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche in 1981 in Kathmandu. After completing 100 Nyungnes in 1989 with Lama Toensang at Montchardon, France, she received the transmission to teach Nyungne to others.